The future of exergaming – where the industry is headed

Updated: May 10

There is no doubt that Exergaming – or Active Gaming – is here to stay. The popularity of Zwift, Supernatural VR, and other active gaming platforms has shown that there is a massive appetite for games that get people up and moving and that there are real benefits to be had from playing them.

So what does the future hold for exergaming? Where is the industry headed? We think a few key trends will shape the future of exergaming:

1. Increased focus on health and wellness As the exergaming industry matures, we expect to see an increasing focus on health and wellness. Games will become more targeted at specific health goals. We will see a proliferation of exergaming products and services that cater to different demographics and needs.

2. Increased integration with traditional fitness Exergaming will become increasingly integrated with conventional fitness programs and activities. We will see more products that combine exergaming with other forms of exercise and more gyms and fitness facilities offering


3. Greater use of biometric data As exergaming becomes more popular, we expect to see a greater focus on using biometric data to track and improve performance. This data will be used to customize games and workouts and provide feedback and motivation to players.

4. More immersive and social experiences As technology advances, we will see more exergaming experiences that are immersive and social. Augmented reality and virtual reality will play a big role in this, as will new platforms like the nreal and Kinix.

5. Increased competition As the exergaming market grows, we expect to see increased competition from traditional fitness companies and new startups.

This will lead to more innovation and better products and services for consumers.

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