5 Projects set to change the world in the next 10 years according to Dubai's leading fund.

This year Kinix, and Four other amazing projects were accepted to Dubai's A.R.M. HOLDING's acceleration program out of more than 1500 applicants.

The A.R.M. Fund was established in Dubai by A.R.M Holdings in 2019 to provide pre-seed capital to exceptional Global Grad Show participants that have succeeded in the competition.

The fund provides initial seed funding for early-stage projects as well as mentoring and networking.

During the process, we have had the chance to meet some outstanding projects, and we thought it was an excellent insight into what innovators from top university labs worldwide are working on, so we thought of sharing with all of you their vision of the future.

These are some of the projects:

1) Reality: Future of footwear

Extending the lifespan of footwear is the mission of Reality - The Future of Footwear. Constructed out of 3D printed, fully biodegradable nano-cellulose, the footwear has self-healing capabilities to extend its usable lifespan. Embedded with microvascular healing in the upper sole and intrinsic healing in the outsole, the shoe can regenerate up to 50% of its total surface area.

2) Farmelody: Using big data to transform farming and protect animals' health

Farmelody is a platform designed to reverse the growing antimicrobial resistance that threatens humanity. It aggregates, manages, and distributes animal farming data from multiple sources, thus enabling feed, tech, and pharmaceutic suppliers to find new correlations between animal health and various external factors. The core element of Farmelody is the recommendation system, through which farmers are matched with products and services that they need the most and a community platform where farmers seek and give advice.


3) Ramel

Adapting desert sand to produce sustainable building materials

The UAE is the 5th largest importer of construction sand globally, although it is 80% desert. Construction sand is extracted from mines, riverbeds, or offshore, causing significant environmental damage. Through research, they found that desert sand, mixed with by-products of industrial processes, can provide an alternative to imported sand.

4) Vorkoster Is a smart lid, designed by Kimia Amir-Moazami, that tracks deterioration of food in the home and helps us reduce waste

Vorkoster is a smart lid that tracks the deterioration of food in the home and helps in the reduction of waste. It incorporates a 3D-printed Lid that visualizes food deterioration via a PH-sensitive film in

the middle, reacting to the spoilage of protein-containing foods with a color change. The PH film is made from algae and works with a self-made natural indicator dye.

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