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What are the compatible trainers? 

The app should support all Bluetooth trainers. So far, we could only test the following ones:

Wahoo Kickr Snap
Wahoo Kickr Bike
Wahoo Kickr Core
Elite Direto
Elite Direto XR
Misuro b+
Tacx Neo

Minoura KAGURA

Magene T300

Saris H3

*You might experience unknown issues with other untested trainers.

We are actively working on testing more trainers, so please contact us if you had issues with yours, or if your trainer worked, so that we can complete our list of supported trainers here on the website!

How to prepare multiple setup in one place?

Why is the character not moving when I peddal?

The mobile is disconnected with the PC, or the trainer is disconnected with the mobile. Please restart the game and the app. 

My handlebars are Straight, but my character is going in circles.

You need to recalibrate your gyro. Put your bike handle forward and hit the "recalibrate" button to reset  the "front" value. See more details about steering here.

Why does the game get stuck on "connecting to mobile" page?

Please refer to this connection tutorial for problem shooting. If you still can's solve the problem, please contact us.

Is Spirit Overflow a free-to-play game? 

We will do our best to keep Spirit Overflow a free game during the beta. As for the price after Beta, we have no answers for it right now. It can be a fixed price, Free-to-Play game, or a subscription model. But one thing is certain, there will be no Pay-to-Win element!


Why is the latency so high? 

We currently have 4 official servers located in Japan (Tokyo), US (Ohio), Europe (Paris) and China (Nanjing). If you are connecting from a distant region, you may experience high latency. Your WI-FI network may also influence the latency. 

Can I play with people on other servers? 

Unfortunately, you can only play with players on the same server. To play with players from another server, you need to change to that server and create a new account. 

Can I change server after initial setting?

Yes you can change in the setting page.

What is the future plan of Spirit Overflow?

The Beta version introduces a foundation for Sprit Overflow. Now with your support, we plan to build a more unique and exciting experience.


Firstly, we would continue to optimize the fundamental parts of the game, including bug fixes, server development, and optimization, to deliver a more stable and smooth online game experience.


Secondly, we would like to evolve the game with more features such as new game modes, maps, characters, skills, and items.


Thirdly, we want to build a unique in-game economy system based on health data where players can get rewards by burning calories, unlock different skins by accomplishing missions.


Last but not least, in our wildest dream, we want to operate the game like a real e-sport with in-game events and offline tournaments.


We welcome all players to participate in our development and share your valuable feedback through all channels: our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Steam community, email, phone call, or meet us in person.