Before you open the app and the game, please make sure: 


  1. Your PC and mobile are under the same WI-FI

  2. Open Bluetooth on your mobile 

  3. Close firewall 

  4. Activate your bike trainer 

  5. ​Update your app to the newest version


Open the game and then do the following on PC:

  1. choose a language 

  2. choose a server

  3. register your account and login 

(if it's asking for any authorization during the process, please allow it.)


Then you should see a "Connecting to mobile" screen on your PC.


before game_画板 1 副本 7.png

Now open the app. (if it's asking for any authorization, please allow it ). It should show a "Connecting to PC" screen. 

APP [已恢复]_画板 1 副本 3.png

If the mobile and the PC are under the same WI-FI, they should connect automatically after a few seconds.

before game_画板 1 副本 9.png
APP [已恢复]_画板 1 副本 2.png

After connecting the app to PC, now the app will start searching for trainers around you. Choose one and connect to it. 

APP [已恢复]_画板 1 副本 4.png
APP [已恢复]_画板 1 副本 5.png
  1. Please note that Bluetooth must be open on your mobile before opening the app otherwise the trainer will not be found even if you open Bluetooth afterwards.

  2. Some trainers will "go to sleep" after it's open for a while and will not show its name on the Bluetooth searching screen (even though it's open), in this case, you need to reactivate the trainer.

  3. see our supported trainers here

  4. if you follow all processes correctly and your trainer is in the supported list, but it still cannot find your trainer, please report to us. 


After connecting to a trainer, you can start the game.