Kinix Controller is a companion app of Spirit Overflow that connects to the game through a WI-FI network. It has the following functions: 


  1. Navigate the game pages

  2. Connect to trainers 

  3. Control steering 

  4. Trigger in-game activities 



1. Touchpad 

app touch pad.png

After you connect the mobile to the PC, you will see this screen. You can use the center area as a trackpad to navigate your mouse on the PC. The button below is to activate the keyboard, after you enter the text and tap ok, the text will be sent to the computer.  


This screen allows you to control the game from the mobile so that you can stay on your bike for the whole experience without having to use a mouse and keyboard.

2. Game Control


After one battle starts, it will automatically switch to this screen (you can also do it manually by tapping the game controller icon on the navigation bar at the bottom).


This is the game controller screen where you can activate your ultimate skill, use items, change camera, and recalibrate the gyro sensor.  

app_画板 1.png